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Textile Reuse, Recycle, Upcycle Subscription

Textile Reuse, Recycle, Upcycle Subscription

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$14.99 every 4 months charge. $44.97/Annual Cost

By signing up you get 1 pair of socks, and after you get 3 bags to recycle your clothes, you will get a $75 gift card. 

1 pair of socks (super sustainable, made from recycled material in North Carolina)

3 large bags with a prepaid shipping label that fits up to 15lbs of your unwanted clothing. Stuff that might end up in landfills that we have a plan for recycling. 

1 $75 Gift Card for a T-Shirt Quilt after 3rd bag is shipped.  


It’s time to  keep your old clothes out of landfills. Our donation model of dropping anything off at a non profit thrift shop is broken, in many cases they can not properly recycle your clothes.

 To kick off 2024, we’re offering a massive discount on our new product - The Textile Recycle Bag - to help you recycle your clothes in a new way. When you sign up, you’ll get a prepaid bag sent to you every 4 months that holds up to 15lbs of unwanted clothing. You can clean out your closet with easy, seal up the bag and send it in the mail. Nothing else is required. 

As an incentive for keeping shirts out of landfills, you will also get Upcycle Cash. We are the largest upcycling company in the US. You will get a pair of socks made from tshirt scraps and other recycled material, and a way to keep your tshirts as a memory quilt. 

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